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Farmer's Fallow Deer Farm

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Products from Underhill Farms

Elk Stew Meat                                      $10.50/lb.
Ground Elk                                             $9.50/lb. 
Elk Hot Dogs                                         $10.00/lb.
Elk German Sausage                            $10.00/lb. 
Elk Bratwurst                                         $10.00/lb.  
Elk Polish Sausage                               $10.00/lb.  
Elk  Italian Sausage links Bulk            $47.50 per 5# pkg
Elk Summer Sausage  12 oz.               $12.00 each 
Smoked Elk Bratwurst fully cooked    $47.50 per 5# pkg
Ground Venison                                     $9.50/lb. 
Venison Patties                                     $10.00/lb.  
Venison Hot Dogs                                 $10.00/lb.  
Venison Bratwurst                                $10.00/lb. 
Venison Summer Sausage  12 oz.       $12.00 each 
Venison Summer Sausage  12 oz.       $12.00 each 
(w/Cheese & Jalapenos)
Venison Ground with beef                    $9.50/lb.  
Venison sticks 8 oz                               $10.00 per pkg
Smoked Venison Polish Sausage
         $47.50 per 5# bag

          (Fully cooked)

Products Sold by the Pound

Ground Venison$9.50
Venison Patties (sold out)$10.00
Sirloin Tip Roast (sold out)$12.50
Top Round Roast (sold out)
Round Steak (sold out)$12.50
Minute Steaks (sold out)$13.00
Medallions (sold out)$19.95
Loin (whole)/Backstrap
Tenderloins/Fillets (sold out)$19.95
Chuck Roast (sold out)$8.50
Arm Roast (sold out)$8.50
Stew Meat (sold out)$7.50
Soup Bones$5.95


Heart $5.00
Bones for Stock$5.00

Products Sold by the Package

Summer Sausage (12oz)$12.00
Jerky (Strips) (1oz)$3.00
Summer Sausage Stick (1 oz)$3.00
Canned Venison (14 oz) Fully cooked Roast$12.00
Pet Treats (dried liver, heart or Kidneys)$7.50